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Bridging Cultures: WCM students craft personalised postcards for UK Pen Pals!

In a heartwarming initiative aimed at fostering cross-cultural connections, students from WCM have done it again this year in not only expressing their creativity by crafting postcards depicting Hong Kong Culture but also polishing up their writing skills through writing self-introductions to find their pen pals in the United Kingdom.

The co-curricular activity called 'Ink The Cards' organised by the English and Visual Arts Departments was successfully completed in May 2024.

In addition to S1 students writing their self-introduction in post cards designed by the Visual Art students to buddies in the UK this year the S4 Visual Art students also wrote these postcards. Thanks to the organisers Ms. Anu, Ms. Choi SM, Ms. Leung TL, Ms. Sarah and Mr. Wong WH, and to the students who enthusiastically wrote the cards during the lunch break with the guidance of these teachers.

This is the second year the English department and the Visual Art department have worked together in bringing this interesting activity to our students. Thanks to Ms. Sarah, the cards have been posted and will be soon received by the students in the UK.

By embracing the power of handwritten communication and artistic expression, the "Bridging Cultures" project serves as a beacon of unity, promoting intercultural understanding and paving the way for a more interconnected global community. We hope to see this project continue in the coming years bringing friendship between students in different corners of the world.



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